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What agreement is the most suitable for me?

If you are interested in a monthly payment, then OPTIMAL for 24,95 € per month is the most suitable choice for you. You get the first month of group classes for free!

Attention! If you don’t want to use group classes, you can remove this service in your Profile. Group classes cost 9,95 eur per month, starting with the second month.

Other additional services (multiclub, group classes, sports water, profile in professional section) you can add in your profile anytime.

We also offer the best choice for those, who like group classes – PLUS agreement for 34,95 € per month. This agreement also includes unlimited sports water Yanga, Multiclub, and other additional extras are not included, but you can include them at any time.

3-day membership will be suitable for those, who already tried the trial for 5 € and 6 € (depends on the club), or stay in the city periodically. It costs only 9,95 € and is active for 3 consecutive days. This membership includes gym and group classes.

30-day agreement. Get the 30-day agreement for 119 € and visit gym and group classes!

Before signing an agreement, read the client’s agreement and club rules! In case of breaking the rules, your agreement could be canceled without renewing the option.

How to sign an agreement?

Becoming a club member is easy. Just follow the instructions and take the following steps:
1) Enter the website or People Fitness mobile app
In the AGREEMENTS section choose the club that you’re interested in. In the app simply choose to JOIN. Then compare the agreements in the table and what is included in each. Choose the most suitable one for you! If you are interested in additional services, like group classes or sports water – add them to the next step!

2) Enter your personal data
Write down your name, surname, phone number, and email, that is needed to get the PIN code and password for the registration. Don’t worry, we don’t expose the personal data!

3) Pay for the agreement, by adding a payment card
Pay for your agreement with VISA or MASTERCARD. Please be sure that the card hasn’t expired and all the inserted data is correct. To ensure that your payment card is valid, we will take 1 euro and automatically put it back.

4) Register your fingerprint
Coming to the club for the first time, you have to register in the system. For that, you’ll need a PIN code that we sent to you to the email address. On the computer at the reception desk enter the PIN code and after the signal on the screen put your finger to the scanner. The sensor will be green meaning that the registration process is successful! Every time you enter/exit the club, place the finger to the scanner.

That’s it! Welcome! Got questions? Watch our video instruction:

Can I sign for trial?

Of course! What do you need for that?

1) Go to peoplefitness.eu or People Fitness mobile app
In the section AGREEMENTS choose the club, date and click the FIRST VISIT.

2) Enter your personal data
Write down your name, surname, phone number, and email, that is needed to get the PIN code and password for the registration. Don’t worry, we don’t expose the personal data!

3) Register your fingerprint
Coming to the club for the first time, you have to register in the system. For that, you’ll need a PIN code that we sent to you to the email address. On the computer at the reception desk click the FIRST VISIT, enter the PIN code and after the signal on the screen put your finger to the scanner. The sensor will be green meaning that the registration process is successful! Every time you enter/exit the club, place the finger to the scanner. That’s it! Welcome!

The first trial is 3 consecutive days! Try different equipment and group classes without limits.

From what age you can become a member?

Each person can become a member of the People Fitness club if he/she has reached the age of 18 years. We do not accept any references or written permission from parents.

I already have a signed agreement. What do I do next?

Next step is easy: watch this video instruction!

Consumer rights

All the necessary information you can find here.

Attendance report

When the automatic payment is made, you can find an invoice in the “INVOICE” section in your profile. You can print it out and submit it to your insurer for a refund. You can also download your club attendance report in the section “ATTENDANCE REPORT”.

To be sure that the personal data in the documents are valid, please fill in your correct personal details during the registration.

Agreement prolongation

Thank you for choosing us for the second year in a row! You can prolong your agreement in the personal profile anytime except the last day when the agreement is active!

1) Go to peoplefitness.eu, in the upper-right corner choose LOGIN.

2) Enter your email and password. If you don’t remember the password, click FORGOT THE PASSWORD? and we will send it to you right away.

3) When you are in your personal profile, choose MY AGREEMENT. Click the RENEW button. Yay! You have just switched to an indefinite subscription! It means that your agreement is more flexible and in the future, you won’t need to extend it every year.

I can’t prolong my agreement, because in the private profile there is no button.

1) are you sure that you don’t have an agreement for a year? If you already have a subscription, you don’t need to prolong your agreement!

2) Do you have a subscription? Check if you are in the right section (personal profile – MY AGREEMENT – red button RENEW)

3) Today is the last day of your agreement? The renew button is available only until the day before the last day. After that, it disappears!

If you are in the right section, but there is no button, or your agreement has already terminated, please contact our administrator!

Agreement freeze

Good news! Now you can freeze your agreement up to 4 months!

If you already know that during summer you won’t be able to visit our club, don’t cancel your agreement – freeze it! Now you can freeze your agreement up to 4 months during a year period.

*What does agreement freeze mean?
It is a contract suspension for a precise period of time.

*How much does it cost?
The price for agreement freeze is 9.95 per one month. If you want to freeze your agreement for a longer period of time than a month, the amount 9.95 will be charged as a monthly payment.

*How does it work?
The agreement freeze will be active from the date of your next payment.

*How can I freeze my agreement?
Go to your profile at peoplefitness.eu and press freeze! You can then renew the contract at any time.

* Why it is good?
You won’t lose your points and you will maintain the terms of your existing contract.

Agreement termination

Don’t hurry to cancel the agreement! You’ll lose the price and conditions! Here are some solutions that could suit you.

1) Use the freeze! If you go on a holiday, feel ill or you have other plans, you can freeze your agreement up to 4 months! It costs only 4,95 €/month and is available once per 12 months.

How to freeze?
Go to peoplefitness.eu and in the upper-right corner click LOGIN. After you enter your profile, go to MY AGREEMENT and click FREEZE.

How does it work?

Freeze is activated from the next invoice payment day. It means that even if you’ve clicked the FREEZE button today, but the next invoice payment day is in 2 weeks, your agreement will be frozen only after 2 weeks!

If you want to use freeze less than for 30 days, click “RENEW” in your profile. Your agreement will be renewed the same day, but all the unused days will disappear!

2) Change the agreement! If you want to change your agreement, contact club administration.

If you still want to cancel the agreement, you can do that it in your profile. Go to peoplefitness.eu, in the upper-right corner click LOGIN. After that go to MY AGREEMENT and click CANCEL.

If you have a monthly subscription, just notify us 2 months in advance. It means that after clicking CANCEL we will make 2 more payments for 2 full months. Meanwhile, you can still work out in the club!


Add/remove service

In your personal profile go to MY AGREEMENT and click CHANGE SERVICES.

You can add a service in the mobile app too.

If you have just added a new service then you can use it right away! Please add/remove service in the agreement payment day so you don’t pay for the service twice!

If you are removing a service, it will be removed in the next payment day. During this period you can still use it!

Consequences of an unpaid contract

If a customer has a debt to the club, the access to it for the client will be blocked until the debt is paid.

If a customer has a debt to People Fitness for at least 2 months, the client’s contract will be terminated.

In case if the client wants to continue visiting the People Fitness club, he or she needs to pay down all debts.

Working hours of clubs and administrators

Both People Fitness clubs are open 24/7 for the whole year! Even in the holidays, you can always come and workout!

Administrator working hours:


Monday 8:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 21:00

Tuesday 8:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 21:00

Wednesday 8:00 – 13:00

Thursday 8:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 21:00

Friday 8:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 21:00

Sat, Sun. —


Monday 7:00 – 12:00 / 15:00 – 21:00

Tuesday 15:00 – 21:00

Wednesday 7:00 – 12:00 / 15:00 – 21:00

Thursday 15:00 – 21:00

Friday 7:00 – 12:00

Sat, Sun. —

First visit

Use our 3 day trial for 5 euros*! What you have to do for it?

1) Go to peoplefitness.eu or People Fitness mobile app.

2) Go to section AGREEMENTS, choose the club, date of visit and click FIRST VISIT.

3) Enter your personal data
Write down your name, surname, phone number, and email, to which we will send you the password for the personal profile and PIN code for the registration! Don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe, as we don’t expose the personal data!

4) Register your fingerprint
When you come to the club for the first time, you will need to register in the system. For that you will need a PIN code, that we sent to your email – now you can see it also in your app! On the computer at the registration desk click FIRST VISIT, enter PIN code and after the signal put your finger to the scanner. When the sensor goes green, it will mean that everything went successful.

Every time you enter the club, put your finger to the scanner.

That’s it! Welcome! The first trial lasts 3 days in a row! Try out different equipment and visit the group classes without any time limits.

*The price may vary regarding the demand.

What should I bring with me on my first visit?

Every time you visit the club, do not forget to take with you:

— Sports uniform (including shoes)

— A lock for the locker. You can buy it directly in the club or bring your own. The diameter of the lock is 35 mm.

— Towels, slippers and shower accessories


See the detailed instruction to repeat all the steps again!

I haven't used my trial. What should I do?

Have you registered for a trial, but did not use it? Register again by repeating all the steps on the website, or write to us and we will change the start date of the trial!

Can I visit the club with children?

No, children under the age of 18 can’t come to the club! This could be dangerous for the child, and he or she can get injured by an accident! By bringing a child to the club, you thereby violate not only the safety techniques but also the club rules!

In case of non-observance of the rules, your contract could be terminated without the right of restoration.

Can't access the club

Here are a few reasons and solutions:

1) You are in the club for the first time.
If your agreement includes Multiclub and you’ve come from CENTER or IMANTA club, simply register your fingerprint again! To do it, you will need a PIN code, that we sent to you at the time of registration. Please check your email!

On the computer at the reception, press FIRST VISIT and enter the PIN code.

2) You haven’t paid for the membership.
If you are not sure whether the subscription is paid or not, check it in your personal profile or by putting your finger to the fingerprint scanner next to the computer! Click the HELP button on the computer and put the finger after the signal. On the screen, you will see the reason. If the contract is not paid, please log in to your personal profile and click PAY. After the payment, you can immediately go to the club!

3) You have placed the wrong finger.
Haven’t been to the club for a long time and forgot which fingerprint you registered? It happens. Try to remember and place another finger!

4) The reader does not respond.
You noticed that the reader is frozen, the lamp does not blink and does not recognize the finger. With a slight movement of the hand swipe over the sensor (the blinking light). Don’t hit the reader! When the blue light will start blinking, place the finger.

If you still can not enter the club, please come to the gym in the administrator’s working hours, and we will help you!

Club access and fingeprint

In our club, all has been automated, so you can enter the club only with your fingerprint! On the first visit, register your fingerprint in the system in order to use it as a key to the club and to use it for accessing the sports water!
Don’t worry, it’s safe! We don’t store fingerprints of our members, because the reader recognizes only 8 unique points on your finger.

Attendance report

Every time after the automatic payment, in your personal profile an invoice is saved. You can print it out and present it to the insurance company for compensation. The report on the attendance you can download in the section “Check-in history.”


In the IMANTA club use the large parking lot absolutely for free!

Can't pay for an agreement or service

Let’s try to cut off all unnecessary to understand the real reason!

1) Do you have a VISA or MASTERCARD?
Our system accepts only these payment cards.

2) Do you have “secure purchases” – online payments?
Please, make sure your internet bank allows you to make “safe purchases” on the internet.

3) The expiration date of the card has not expired?
To replace the payment card login your personal profile in peoplefitness.eu and in the personal account (right-top corner) in the section, MY SUBSCRIBER change the payment card to the active one.

4) Are there any funds on the card?
Check if there is enough money on the card to pay for the subscription. When adding a card, we will charge you 1 euro and automatically give it back! It is made to verify the validity of the card.

If the card is ok, but you still can’t make the payment, contact us and we will try to help you!

Accidentally made the payment twice

Paid twice for the same month/service? If you paid for something that you didn’t use, please contact us and we will immediately try to help you!

I want to change my payment card to another

To change the payment card, log in to your personal profile and update the payment card information. Make sure you have:


— turned on “safe shopping” – online payments. After the card change, we charge you 1 euro and automatically will refund it back. This is made in order to verify the validity of the card,

— enough funds on the card.

Is it safe to enter details?

Absolutely! We charge only those payments, that are agreed upon by your membership. We don’t store any client credit card information.

This process is happening via Visa and MasterCard authorized partner payment system SIX Wordline and through secure connection PCI/DSS.

You can also make the purchase at home on your PC and use the self-service kiosk at the club only for registering your fingerprint!

Cash payment

You can pay for services only with a payment card! We do not accept cash.

I was charged 1 euro, when added the card!

The system charges 1 euro to verify the validity of your payment card! Don’t worry, this amount will be automatically refunded right away!

Making a purchase in the vending machine, I was charged 8 euros!

Making any purchase in the vending machine, 8 euros will be frozen on your card. This amount will be reserved each time you insert the card into the terminal.

The balance of the amount will be returned within 14 working days – the deadline depends on your bank.

Free services in gym

It doesn’t matter what kind of subscription you have, you can always work out in the CROSS BOX area in the courtyard of the CENTER club!

Even if there are no group classes in your subscription, we invite you to the free open classes! They are instructed by professional trainers, and there is no need to register. Sessions take place in different zones as group class room, functional zone SYNRGY360.
Take a look at the schedule, get your uniform and see you at the next class!

Group classes

1. Why do I need to book the classes?
You always need to book a class, in order that you have your space! Each group class room has a limited number of spots, so at the same time can train a limited number of persons.
And yes, it is mandatory, otherwise, there may not be enough space, and you will miss the class!

How to book?
1) Go to peoplefitness.eu or the People Fitness mobile app.
2) In the SCHEDULE section, select your preferred class and click BOOK.

Where to see my bookings?
You can see all your reservations in MY BOOKINGS section or on the main page of the mobile app.

IMPORTANT! Reservation for a class opens a week before it starts! You can book 3 classes per day and 5 classes per 7 days. This limitation has been made so that one member doesn’t book all the classes and gives an opportunity to others!

2. What is a waiting list?
If there are no free spots in the class, you get on the waiting list. If someone cancels their booking, you take their place!
How do you know that you are no longer on the waiting list and can come to the class? We will send you a notification to your email address.

3. Why do I need to cancel reservations?
To allow others to visit the classes instead of you!

4. I can’t book my class
1) Change the Internet browser and try again;
2) Maybe the registration has not started yet? The booking is available only 7 days before the class starts;
3) Remember, maybe you missed a class twice? Then you are temporarily blocked. The booking option is for you blocks for 2 weeks. You still will be able to book the class 60 min before the class.

5. About restrictions

If during the period of 10 days you fail to come to 3 consecutive group classes that you booked (and didn’t cancel your reservation), you will be blocked from booking group classes for 1 week.

BUT you still can book a group class (if there are still free places left) an hour before the group class beginning at the club.

Personal trainers and other professionals

If you are a personal trainer, dietician, therapist or massagist:
For us all visitors, including trainers and other fitness professionals, are members. We invite you to become a People Fitness club member and train your customers!

We will help you find customers! In your personal profile add the Profile in the professional section for 39,95 euros per month, and your profile will be displayed in a separate section of the mobile app and also on the TV screens in the clubs! Also, this is the only way you are allowed to train clients in our clubs.

If you are a client and want to find a personal trainer, massagist, therapist or dietician:
You can find a personal trainer or other fitness professionals in our mobile app! Go to the section Professionals, select the one you like the most, write to then in the chat and arrange a time for training! Don’t forget to evaluate the professional after training!
Also see the experience, cost, and schedule.

By the way, personal trainers are not employees of the People Fitness club. They are the same members of the club as you are. Therefore, you can also come and train with your own coach if he is ready to become a member of our club!


Multiclub allows you to visit all People Fitness clubs in the Baltics! This service costs only 1,95 € per month. You can add this service in the personal profile by clicking CHANGE SERVICES.

List of all clubs:
People Fitness Center – E. Birznieka-Upīša 21e
People Fitness Imanta – Kurzemes prospekts 3

People Fitness Mustika – A. H. Tammsaare tee 116 (Mustika Keskus)

People Fitness Panorama – Saltoniškių g. 9 (Panorama)
People Fitness Žirmūnai – Žirmūnų 68a
What do I need to know when going to a new club for the first time?
If you visit the club for the first time, go to the computer at the registration desk. Click the FIRST VISIT and enter the PIN code. We have sent it to you at the moment of registration on your email and SMS. Register your fingerprint. That’s it! Enjoy your workout!

Sports water

1. What is it and how much does it cost?
In all our clubs we have a Yanga sports water machine. Yanga sports water assists your body to restore its balance and to get the most from your workout. Moreover, it is sugar-free (only 5 kcal) and contains essential vitamins for an extra boost – B1, B3, B5, B6, and B8. There are 6 different tastes. Besides, you can pour also still water.
It is possible to add the water only for 4,95 € per month.
Every 20 minutes you can fill a 500 ml bottle. You can find more info about Yanga water here.

2. How to use it?
1) Place your bottle in the specified place
2) Put your finger to the reader, as you do when entering the club
3) Choose one of 6 tastes
4) Choose the intensity of taste (weak, medium, strong)
5) Fill the bottle with a capacity of 500 ml.

CROSS BOX zone and training

CROSS BOX area is located in the inner courtyard of the CENTER club. This zone allows you to do CrossFit interval and functional training. Here you will find all the necessary equipment. By the way, anyone can workout in this zone, you don’t have to additionally pay for it!

The entrance is on the 1st floor through the free weights area.

CROSS BOX training is a mini-group class. Each class with a trainer costs 5 €/per time.

The advantage of this class is that the classes never repeat! The purpose of CROSS BOX training is the physical body development – strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, coordination, precision and increasing the capacity of the cardiovascular and respiratory system. The training is guided by our professional instructors. Instructors will coach you through the proper performance of the exercise technique and will help you choose the “working weight”.

FUNCTIONAL ROOM and training

The Functional Room is located on the 3rd floor of the CENTER club. This studio is something that you won’t find in any other club in Latvia – a wholly equipped room for functional training.

Here you can find Woodway treadmills, boxing bags, specially designed walls for you to diversify your training sessions, and also the best atmosphere you can ever imagine.

Every week there are group training sessions called 666KCAL for an additional cost – 5 € for one training. These sessions are guided by our professional instructors. By the way, 666KCAL is suitable for any level of training. Book your next class on the web or in the app. See you on the 3rd floor!

Where to download it?

You can download People Fitness app in the App Store and Google Play:
📱 App Store: apple.co/2CQrcIW
📱 Google Play: bit.ly/2oDOz3o

What are the features?

— Connect your Facebook profile and log in using it;
— See how much people are in the club;
— Book a training;
— Earn points in the loyalty program and exchange them for discounts to cool prizes;
— Find a personal trainer, write to them in the chat and evaluate them after the training session!

We are constantly working on improvements, so stay tuned to the new features!

Loyalty program
  1. How does the People Fitness loyalty program work?

People Fitness loyalty program gives our club members an opportunity to get discounts for prizes for completing different activities.

  1. How can I earn points?

✅ Download and install the People Fitness app.

Perfect! You just earned 10 points for downloading the application and joining us!

✅ Work out!

  • 8 entries per month = 3 points
  • 10 entries per month = 15 points
  • 15 entries per month = 20 points

Points are granted for the previous month. For example, in June you will receive points for your entries in May!

✅ Invite friends.

Share the link to download the app up to 3 times per month and get another 1 point for each Share!
Or share your individual promo code and give your friend a 25% discount to join People Fitness!

✅ Link your Facebook profile.

Well done! You get 10 points for linking your Facebook profile.

✅ Additional services.

For each additional service (group classes, sports water) you will get 5 more points!

  1. How can I exchange points for discounts?

Go to Marketplace, select the desired item from the list and exchange your points for a discount. Points will be automatically deducted from your profile. We will contact you regarding how to get your item!

  1. Where can I see the list of all the items available?

The list of items is available in the section MARKETPLACE. The list is updated regularly, so don’t forget to check it out from time to time!

  1. How can I receive my item?

You can get the prize in your club within a short time after the purchase!

  1. Who participates in the loyalty program?

All People Fitness club members who have installed the People Fitness mobile application participate in the loyalty program.

Professionals section

1. Who are the professionals?
In this section, those personal trainers, dieticians, therapists and massagists who added the Profile in the Professionals section service (39,95 €/month) are displayed. Here you can see their previous experience and education, see the session cost, evaluate the professional and write to them in the chat!

Here you can also see the People Fitness trainers, who, besides group classes, also do personal training.

2. I want to get into this section!
If you are a personal trainer, massagist, dietician or therapist, you can get to the Professionals section and get some new customers!

How to do it?
1. On the peoplefitness.eu, go to your profile (upper right corner).
2. In the MY PROFILE section, click the CHANGE SERVICES button.
3. Choose from the list service Profile in the professional section and press ADD (cost 39.95 €/month).
4. Go to People Fitness mobile app.
5. Click on your profile (upper right corner) and at the bottom of the drop-down menu, select Edit Profile or Trainings.
6. Fill in information about yourself – the more client will know about you, the more likely he will choose you!
7. Don’t forget to add a photo.
8. Create your first workout by choosing the date, time and cost per hour.

Your profile will be visible to all users of the application, and we will additionally advertise you on the TVs in clubs!


Marketplace – use your earned points as a discount for products!

Now you can not only use your points for a discount but also pay full price for marketplace items!

You can find the Marketplace at the main page in the People Fitness app under the logo of a shopping cart.


Motivate yourself to achieve even more – participate in our challenges! Receive points in our app for steps, burned calories*, gym entries and more, compete with your friends, all club members, and people in all of People Fitness gyms.

How to participate?

1) Find the award icon in our app, that will lead you to the Challenges page.

2) Choose one or several challenges that you want to take part in and press “Accept this challenge”.
The first time you apply for a challenge, our app will request permission to read step and calorie data from your phone. On iPhones, it happens through Apple Health app, on Android devices – Google Fit. The data is needed in order to track your progress and place you on the leaderboards. If you haven’t used Apple Health or Google Fit before, please open the app and set it up (allow necessary permissions so that the app can begin recording your steps).


3) Done! Now you can track your own progress and see how others are doing. Visit the leaderboards to see who’s on top right now.

*In order to participate in the challenges with calorie counting, you have to have a fitness gadget with the calorie counting function (for example, a smartwatch or a fitness band) and it needs to be synchronized with your phone.

Contact us