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Agreement types

If you are interested in a monthly payment, then OPTIMAL for 24,95 € per month is the most suitable choice for you. With this agreement you get Group classes for free for the first month!

Attention! If you don’t want to use group classes, you can remove this service in your Profile. Group classes cost 9,95 eur per month, starting with the second month.

Other additional services (multiclub, sports water, profile in professional section) you can add in your profile anytime.

We also offer the best choice for those, who like group classes – PLUS agreement for 34,95 € per month. Group classes and Yanga sports water are included, and you can add Multiclub at any time in your Profile.

SMART is a great option for those who are planning on attending the gym regularly for a longer period of time. It is a 12-month prepayment agreement for 239,40 € (meaning 19,95 €/per month). You can add extra services (group classes, Yanga sports water, Multiclub) in your profile.

3-day membership will be suitable for those, who already tried the trial, or stay in the city periodically. It costs only 9,95 € and is active for 3 consecutive days. This membership includes gym and group classes.

Can I buy a one-month agreement?

We offer 30-day access! The 30-day agreement will be suitable for those, who aren’t yet ready to sign an agreement with monthly payment or to pay the whole amount by once. Get the 30-day agreement for 119 € and visit gym and group classes!


Yes, everyone can visit our club first time for 3€! You’ll have 3 days in a row. During this time you can attend gym and group classes without any time limitations. If after the trial you still won’t be quite sure whether you want to become a member or not, you can buy a 3 DAY agreement for only 9,95 €, which is active for 3 consecutive days. It gives you access to the gym and group classes without any limitation! You can purchase this contract an unlimited number of times.

Agreement freeze

Good news! Now you can freeze your agreement up to 4 months!
If you already know that during summer you won’t be able to visit our club, don’t cancel your agreement – freeze it! Now you can freeze your agreement up to 4 months during a year period.

*What does agreement freeze mean?
It is a contract suspension for a precise period of time.

*How much does it cost?
The price for agreement freeze is 4,95 euros per one month. If you want to freeze your agreement for a longer period of time than a month, the amount 4,95 eur will be charged as a monthly payment.

*How does it work?
The agreement freeze will be active from the date of your next payment.

*How can I freeze my agreement?
Go to your profile at peoplefitness.eu and press freeze! You can then renew the contract at any time.

* Why is it good?
You won’t lose your points and you will maintain the terms of your existing contract.

Agreement termination

If you don’t want to be our member anymore, log in to your profile and terminate the contract by clicking “CANCEL”.

If you have a subscription with a monthly payment, notify us 2 months before. It means that after you click the button, you will still be charged 2 times for 2 full membership payment months.


During this period, you can continue attending the club without any limitations. If you have a prepayment contract, the money won’t be refunded because the price was a special offer.

I terminated my agreement, then changed my mind. What do i do?

If you have a contract with a monthly payment, for 2 months you can renew it in your profile, by clicking “RENEW”.
If you have a prepaid contract, it’s not possible to renew it.

Attendance report

When the automatic payment is made, you can find an invoice in the “INVOICE” section in your profile. You can print it out and submit it to your insurer for a refund. You can also download your club attendance report in the section “ATTENDANCE REPORT”.

To be sure that the personal data in the documents are valid, please fill in your correct personal details during the registration.

How do I become a member?

It’s really easy to become a member! You can do it on our website in just 5 clicks by creating your own profile:
— choose the type of agreement
— add extra services
— fill in your personal data
— make the payment with your bank card
— use the PIN you received to register your fingerprint

You can register your fingerprint at the self-service kiosk at People Fitness. The administrator definitely will help you to go through this procedure. To become our member all you need is Visa or MasterCard bank card. It is not possible to pay by credit card or cash at People club. We only accept online payments.

P.S. Don’t worry, the system doesn’t take any photos of your fingerprint, it only reads 8 points on your finger (we use ievo reader). The same 8 points are recognized by the reader at the turnstiles at People Fitness.

Do you still have any questions? Watch our video tutorial:

How old do you have to be to become a People member?

Each person can become a member of the People Fitness club if he/she has reached the age of 18 years. We do not accept any references or written permission from parents.

Is it safe to enter my personal data and card details?

Yes, it is safe. People automatically can charge only the monthly payments, which is agreed upon by our terms and conditions. We don’t store any client credit card information.

Making any online purchases, e.g. airplane ticket, you fill in your credit card details on a seller’s web page, therefore, the seller is authorized to use and process the details of your credit card.

At People, this process is happening via Visa and MasterCard authorized partner payment system SIX Wordline, and through secure connection PCI/DSS.

If you’re still confused, you can make the purchase at home on your PC and use the self-service kiosk at People only for registering your fingerprint.

Additional payments in terms of the subscription

You can add the extra services to your contract anytime: multiclub, group classes, sports water or profile in the professionals section!
You can also freeze your agreement, use the one-time water pouring or visit mini-group class. Detailed pricing you can find in the price list.

Working hours

Workdays 6:00-23:00

Weekend 9:00-21:00.

Administrator work hours:
Mon 12:00 – 20:00
Tue 12:00 – 20:00
Wed 9:30 – 17:30
Thu 12:00 – 20:00
Fri 9:30 – 17:30


For our members comfort, there is a sauna in the club.

Why you are your lockers so tiny/need locks/don't have any free water?

People is a next-generation fitness club where all processes are automated. Those few limitations exist so that we can provide our clients with other advantages – to train using the newest equipment, to attend top-level group classes and to pay the lowest membership price in town!

Why don't you have any keys for the lockers in the locker room?

This is a widespread practice in Europe, and first of all, a security issue. There are situations when locks were picked, and the visitors had their stuff stolen. In order to avoid such situations, we propose to use your own lock. You can purchase it in our vending machines for a small additional fee. After purchasing it, the lock is yours.

Why are there video cameras? Is it legal?

We installed cameras in the club for your own safety. And yes, it is legal.

Can I attend People with kids?

Only those who have reached the age of 18 can attend People.

Group classes

Are your group class trainers qualified?

All our trainers have proper qualifications and, additionally, are certified as international Les Mills instructors. Moreover, they attend regular training.

Do I have to sign up for group classes?

Yes, you have to do it through our webpage:
— log in to your profile
— choose the group class you want to attend in the schedule
— Click “BOOK”

If you do not have an opportunity to attend a booked group class, please be sure to cancel the registration in a timely manner. It is very easy to do in your personal profile. Please cancel the booking 60 min before the group class starts.

Can I attend more than one group class per day?

You can book 3 classes per day, 5 classes per 7 days. Do not forget to register for your chosen group class! You can do it in one click in your profile on the webpage or right at the club.

About restrictions

If during the period of 10 days you fail to come to 3 consecutive group classes that you booked (and didn’t cancel your reservation), you will be blocked from booking group classes for 1 week.

BUT you still can book a group class (if there are still free places left) an hour before the group class beginning at the club.


With Multiclub you can visit all People fitness clubs not only in Tallinn but also in Vilnius and Riga.

Pay attention, if your contract includes this service (you can do that in your profile) or add it only for 1,95 € per month.

Personal trainers and professionals

If you are a personal trainer, massagist, dietician or therapist:

Let People Fitness app users know about you! For only for 29,95 euros per month, your profile will be viewed by more than 50 000 users and book a class in just one click.

If you want to find a personal trainer, dietician, therapist, massagist:

Download the People Fitness app (it is available for free in App Store and Google Play). In the section Professionals see all the profiles, choose the one who suits you the most, write to them in the chat and book a session! By the way, trainer profiles are also shown on the TV screens in the clubs.

P.S. Don’t forget to rate the professional after the class!

Yanga sports water

Yanga sports water assists your body to restore its balance and to get the most from your workout. Moreover, it is sugar-free (only 5 kcal) and contains essential vitamins for an extra boost – B1, B3, B5, B6, and B8. Choose your own favorite from 6 flavors and enjoy fresh, cooled Sports Water during your workout! Besides, Yanga water has also still water.

It is possible to add the water only for 4,95 € per month.

Every 20 minutes you can fill a 500 ml bottle. More info about Yanga you can find here.

People Fitness mobile app

— Connect your Facebook profile and log in using it;
— See how much people are in the club;
— Book a training;
— Earn points in the loyalty program;
— Find a personal trainer!

The app is available for download in
App Store: apple.co/2CQrcIW
Google Play: bit.ly/2oDOz3o

Loyalty programm
  1. What is the People Fitness loyalty program?

People Fitness loyalty program gives our club members an opportunity to get discounts for goods for doing different activities.

  1. How can I earn points?

✅ Download the app.

You automatically get 10 points for downloading the application!

✅ Attend the club.

  • 8 entries per month = 3 points
  • 10 entries per month = 15 points
  • 15 entries per month = 20 points

Points are granted for the previous month. For example, in June you will receive points for May!

✅ Invite friends.

Share the link to download the program up to 3 times per month and get another 1 point for each Share!

✅ Connect Facebook.

Get 10 points for linking your Facebook profile.

✅ Additional services.

For each additional service (group classes, sports water) you will get 5 more points!

  1. How can I exchange points for discounts?

Go to Marketplace, select the desired item from the list and exchange your points for a discount. Points will be automatically deducted from your profile. We will contact you regarding how to get your item!

  1. Where can I see the list of items?

The list of items is available in the section MARKETPLACE. The list is updated periodically, so don’t forget to check it out from time to time!

  1. How can I receive the selected item?

You can get the item directly in your club within a few days after the request!

  1. What members participate in the loyalty program?

In the loyalty program participate all People Fitness club members who have installed the People Fitness mobile application.


Marketplace – use your earned points as a discount for products!

Now you can not only use your points for a discount but also pay full price for marketplace items!

You can find the Marketplace at the main page in the People Fitness app under the logo of a shopping cart.

App Store: apple.co/2CQrcIW

Google Play: bit.ly/2oDOz3o


Motivate yourself to achieve even more – participate in our challenges! Receive points in our app for steps, burned calories*, gym entries and more, compete with your friends, all club members, and people in all of People Fitness gyms.

How to participate?

1) Find the award icon in our app, that will lead you to the Challenges page.

2) Choose one or several challenges that you want to take part in and press “Accept this challenge”.
The first time you apply for a challenge, our app will request permission to read step and calorie data from your phone. On iPhones, it happens through Apple Health app, on Android devices – Google Fit. The data is needed in order to track your progress and place you on the leaderboards. If you haven’t used Apple Health or Google Fit before, please open the app and set it up (allow necessary permissions so that the app can begin recording your steps).


3) Done! Now you can track your own progress and see how others are doing. Visit the leaderboards to see who’s on top right now.

*In order to participate in the challenges with calorie counting, you have to have a fitness gadget with the calorie counting function (for example, a smartwatch or a fitness band) and it needs to be synchronized with your phone.

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