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The choice in protein bars these days is extremely vast. Do you know how to choose one that will aid you in achieving your nutritional and sports goals or just help you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Protein bars have multiple functions: they are great for post-workout recovery or snacking at work when you want something nutritious, quick and convenient to eat.


Cheatless calls attention to the following qualities when choosing a protein bar:



Remember that you are choosing a protein bar primarily for the proteins, therefore, their source is the most important property of the protein bar.

The official protein quality index DIAAS recommended for use by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, 2013) will help you understand the quality of the protein.

Proteins with a DIAAS index greater than 1 are best absorbed by the human body.


Artificial sweeteners and sugar.

Manufacturers of protein bars often boast about the small amount of sugar in the product in large print on the packaging. However, the small amount of sugar is often replaced by artificial sweeteners, e.g. sucralose, which has zero energy value. The sense of sweetness outweighs the energy provided to the body and that, in turn, encourages even greater consumption of carbohydrates, i.e. to choose sweets over nutritional foods.

Cheatless calls your attention to the amount of sugar and the type of sweeteners used in protein bars.


List of ingredients.

The shorter and clearer the list of ingredients, the better your understanding of what you are eating. If the ingredients of the protein bar sound like words borrowed from a laboratory glossary or if they are difficult to read or pronounce, you can guess that they are not your healthiest choice. Cheatless recommends choosing such protein bars that contain ingredients that are easily understood and available in supermarkets. After all, you must know what you are eating.

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